MediaMarktSaturn case study

Work Details

  • Client:MediaMarktSaturn
  • Date:09.2015 - 12.2016
  • Date:06.2013 - 02.2015
  • Type:eCommerce platform
  • Role:Lead UX Designer
  • Website:MediaMarkt.de
  • Website:Saturn.de
  • Website:MediaMarkt.nl

Optimizing an international multibrand eCommerce platform

Frontend introduction of many new shop features

„In terms of revenue, sales area and headcount, the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer and provider of related services. Our integrated online and fixed-location offerings reach millions of customers every day.“ (Source MediaMarktSaturn company website)

Both main brands (MediaMarkt and Saturn) have a joint commerce platform. Which was developed and optimized at the time by the subsidary eBusiness GmbH and rolled out as whitelabel client in over 10 european countries.

Initially I was hired to redesign the checkout, but also got involved in many other iniatives like the introduction of the recommendation engine, same day delivery, warranties, A/B testing and the loyality programe

Channeling country input with ideation workshops

Like in many other international enterprises, MediaMarkt Saturn has lots of stakeholders for the eCommerce platform which is rolled out in over 10 european countries. Unsurprisingly they all had diverging ideas for the future checkout. In order to align them on a shared vision I invited all country heads and representatives for a design studio workshop.

Fast forward to country rollout

Seven months later after over 100 of my checkout stories had been developed, I was called in again for the country rollout and to lead the multivariate testing program I had been evangelizing to initiate.

I was pleased to hear that the biggest adversary of the new checkout initiative had turned into one of its biggest promotors and aimed at being first for the rollout.