Online engagement platform

Pfizer case study

Work Details

  • Client:Publicis/Pixelpark for Pfizer
  • Date:01.2017 - 06.2017
  • Type:Engagement platform
  • Role:Lead UX Designer

Creating a platform for health topics

Reaching out to health professionals and the general public

„Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation world wide, ranking 64th in Fortune 500 companies. Publicis Pixelpark won a pitch for an engagement platform for Pfizer Germany in 2017. On my first day at Pixelpark the head of UX told me that it was his last day and handed me over the project. The pitch for a new engagement platform for Pfizer was won, but the client could not decide between three alternative design approaches. What made things worse, the partner agency who was in charge for providing the content seemed reluctant to speed up the process.

From the first meeting on with the client I opted for the most flexible variant and partnered up with Pfizers PO to get a final decision. Form there on I could jump to structuring and detailing the pitch design, writing user stories and providing the development team with all requirements. The clients commitment really speeded up the whole process and the development could be accomplished in the given timeframe.

A courageous move for a pharmaceutical company

Pharmaceutical treatments can cause severe adverse effects for the patients. Legislation therefore demands that all channels where side effects can be submitted by patients need to be monitored. Therefore it was a bold move of Pfizer Germany to create a discussion platform where everybody can take part in the conversation and post public messages. These needed to be tightly monitored not only for netiquette compliance but also regarding the submission of side effects.

Where to find

Launched in 2017, you can find "Land der Gesundheit" here