Creating a digital service MVP

Signal Iduna Case study

Work Details

  • Agency:Foreverdayone
  • Client:Signal Iduna
  • Date:06.2019 - 12.2019
  • Type:Digial Service MVP
  • Role:Strategic & product design

Marketing automation to the rescue

For many customers of insurance companies after the received the insurance contract the only touchpoint is the yearly invoice. In our initial interview sessions we quickly found out that some customers are not happy with that. Some are unsure whether they have enough coverage in case of claim, other quickly forget what is covered and think they might have missed out on important things. Almost like in telecommunication where prices, data volumes and roaming costs drop each year, insurance policies undergo change although with a slower pace. Usually coverage is increasing and new forms of coverage are added for no additional costs. On the other hand insurers need to handle claims and this becomes increasingly complex with older contracts.

Our service innovation was based on offering customers newer policies while making it easier for Signal Iduna to process claims. We came up with an automated process from customer identification to initial personalised e-mail for customers with household insurances which highlighted some aspects of updating their contracts. An automatically created comparison table for the old and the new policy and the ability to book the change of contracts with additional options online.

The luxury of having dedicated user researchers

Having two dedicated user researchers fromm the beginning of the project, we were able to go from initial deep dive interviews and a focus group to incremental usability testing with different states of the prototype.

Getting management approval with story telling

Each MVP project had to pass 3 approval gates with members of the board of directors. For the second committee we needed to come up with way to narrate and visualise our work in progress solution without having any prototype to demonstrate. Therefore I relied on a proven tool for narration: the storyboard.